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The Best Age for a Disney Trip

We get asked a lot “What’s the best age to take my child to Disney World?” We suggest looking at it from a different angle, for example, “What’s the best time to throw your child a birthday party?” The answer to that is the same: Anytime you want to create magical memories!

Our children remember things from all of our Disney trips. We have clients who tell us months after their vacation that they still sit around talking about it. Anytime you can create something that has you saying, “Hey, remember when…” you should get right on it! There are only so many years we have with them before our children are off on their own with children of their own.

Disney has something for people of all ages. We’ve been there on our honeymoon – without kids! — with babies as young as 9 months old and with a wide age range of children – and everyone had something that they loved. Some memory they will hold on to forever. And, if we are being honest with ourselves, trips to Disney really aren’t about the kids — they’re about those memories you cherish. Not their ability to remember the trip, but instead your own. So don’t wait! Or you just might run out of time….

So there isn’t a perfect age to take your kids to Disney World or on a Disney cruise or a guided tour to many fascinating destinations worldwide with Adventures by Disney. Going to Disney is like any other vacation you would take — only better! Get with us to plan your adventure full of magical memories!


About the author: Travel agent Alison Chambers has planned hundreds of Disney trips for more than 600 families. She has traveled to all of the major Disney destinations, including Walt Disney World; Disneyland; Disney Cruise Line; Aulani – A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii; and an Adventures by Disney trip to Costa Rica. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, she works with clients all over the world and is known for her prompt response time and attention to detail. Alison would love to help your family, too!