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What We Do

We’re frequently asked by prospective clients to explain exactly what we can do for them, so here is the breakdown for anyone else wondering the same:

WE ARE THE BEGINNING of your planning process. We start off with either a phone conversation or with information provided via email or text (really, whatever means works best for you) so that we can make recommendations specific to your family’s needs. We email you options so that you have a starting point and then we tweak those options until we find the perfect combination of dates, resorts and tickets for your dream vacation.

WE BOOK YOUR TRIP for you and monitor for any discounts that might save you money. You don’t have to ask us to see if discounts are available, we work tirelessly to get them applied to your reservation when they are released, subject to availability, as part of our complimentary services to you.

WE BOOK YOUR DINING RESERVATIONS for you. We send you a list of restaurant recommendations to help narrow your choices down so that you don’t have to do any research. Some clients prefer to discuss their dining options, so we make time for a call, while some clients find that it is easiest for us to make their dining selections for them using what we know about their likes and dislikes. And if you book your trip well in advance, it means we are up at 5 a.m. making dining reservations the minute the booking window opens to get the best options available.

WE HELP YOU AVOID LONG LINES. We educate you about Disney Genie, Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane options to help you maximize your time in the parks!

WE BUILD A PERSONALIZED TRIP HUB for you. We create the online account that is the hub for your trip planning. This is where we make all your reservations and eventually where you will be able to see all of the details of your trip.

WE EXPLAIN WHAT MAGICBANDS ARE and how to customize them!

WE ARRANGE YOUR TRANSPORTATION to and from the airport and make sure you know how to get around Disney World.

WE PROVIDE PRICELESS TIPS, PACKING LISTS AND MORE. We send you video tutorials, park-touring tips, packing lists and all the information you need for a perfect vacation. You just pack and go!

WE HANDLE SPECIAL REQUESTS AND LAST-MINUTE NEEDS. We take care of any extra things you might need. Things such as stroller rental, purchasing party tickets, helping you find a doctor while on your trip, suggesting ways to surprise your kids and more. We are your advocate if anything goes wrong and you need assistance.

WE ARE YOUR PERSONAL ‘GOOGLE’ FOR ALL THINGS DISNEY. We are your single source for information. Have a question? Don’t Google and sort through millions of answers. Just call, text or email us and we’ll answer it for you!

WE CAN EVEN SAVE THE DAY AND HELP YOU AVOID GETTING OVERWHELMED. Sometimes, we save you from yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in everyone’s opinions and what “they” say you must do. And then you start doubting the plans that you have made and question everything, because everyone you ask will have a different opinion! And if you start to look for opinions online, you could be reading all night, creating unnecessary stress for yourself. We help you plan a vacation that is perfect for your family based on your needs. We’ve planned thousands of trips. We specialize in Disney destinations and Universal Resorts because they are massive entities that are constantly changing and we dedicate our time to staying up-to-date on the latest offerings so that you don’t have to worry with that. This is our full-time job, and we love it!

This list is an overview – it’s definitely not all encompassing. Let us get started customizing your Disney trip! Our services really are complimentary when you book your stay at a Disney resort with us. Click on the button for a no-obligation quote for your next adventure!

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