Amy Barrett

Amy Barrett has been planning Disney and Universal vacations since March of 2013. Amy knows exactly what it takes to plan a great vacation for her clients.

“Almost every Disney trip I plan begins the same way. A client will say, ‘I was researching Disney vacation options online and got so overwhelmed. Where do we stay? Where do we eat? I need reservations how far out? What rides will my kids be tall enough to ride? My youngest doesn’t like thrill rides, my oldest lives for them. What is the monorail? Where do you eat with Mickey or Princesses? Where do you get those bands?’ YIKES!! Before they know it they have 10 tabs open on their browser and still aren’t sure of anything.”

Amy knows that planning a Disney or Universal trip can be frustrating if you don’t know where to start. She has years of personal experience traveling to the Disney and Universal parks and has all the answers to the questions above, which are different for each client, plus answers to questions you might not even know to ask.

“I promise I can make this super easy. I can get you that picture of the genuinely happy family smiling in front of the castle. I can even get you the matching shirts if you want!”

Contact Amy at 870-930-0055 or by email at to start planning your next vacation.

what AMY's clients say

From Jason G:

“Amy is amazing to work with. No detail is left uncovered and she is always so kind – when you feel like you’re asking 3.7 million questions to her. I seriously would not even consider working with anyone else when planning a trip to anything Disney related! You will not regret being as prepared as possible!”

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